Astro Tips


SUN - Daily chanting of "Gayatri Mantras, take blessings from father by showing love and respect for him.

MOON - Stay in moonlight for some time daily, take care of your mother, bathroom should be kept dry after use.

MARS - Worship Hanumanji on Tuesday, take care of younger brothers and sisters.

MERCURY - Worship Lord Ganesha, wear green on Wednesday, eat green vegetables.

JUPITER - Daiiy use gramflour mixed with milk for bath instead of soap. Always respect and take blessing of teachers. Take care of husband.

VENUS - Wear white clothes and new clothes on Fridays. Dont hurt wife feelings. Recite shree suktam daily.

SATURN - Always treat your servants, staff nicely. Spend time with old people. Take care of elders in the home.

RAHU - Remove clutters from home and workplace. Walls of the house should be clean. Feed poor people on Saturdays.

KETU - Dont keep obligations of others,clear it. Thank everyone for every good little things done for you by others.