About Anju Agrawal

I belong to a reputed Marwari business family of Kolkata. I did my graduation in Arts and simultaneously pursued my hobby of drawing and painting. I excelled in sketching portraits. I still remember my painting teacher used to tell me that an artist cannot be complete without knowing Astrology. His theory behind this was that only when you will understand the stars of a person, can you bring out the life in a painting. Ever since, I used to think that some day I will pursue Astrology. Several years into my married life in Mumbai, I finally got the opportunity in 2005 to enroll myself into an Astrology class under the tutelage of Mr. Niranjanbhai Joshi. Therein began my fascinating journey into the world of stars and planets.

I have completed a 3 years course in astrology and have received the degree of 'Jyotish Acharya'. I am specialised in Ramal vidya and Reiki also. I have been practicing astrology for almost a decade now. I have provided consultation to people from all across India & Abroad. I take this opportunity to welcome you as well to a powerful world of possibilities - so get started and connect to success by making better choices early in life.

I also consider it my duty to create awareness about Vedic Astrology. So please do follow me on facebook and youtube. I deliver lectures in charitable institutions, reputed clubs and jyotish seminars and conferences all across the country. I conduct workshops on my specialized field of Medical Astrology. On medical astrology my first book "Swasthya aur Jyotish" published in 2017. I received "best medical astrologer of the year award " for my article on medical astrology in Jiwaji university of Gwalior by the hands of Madhya Pradesh minister Anup Mishraji.

I am an astro consultant. I give advice in all spheres of life including education, career, marriage, children, health, wealth, partnership & property related matters on the basis of your birth chart. I counsel my clients & suggest simple remedies to cure the ill effects of planets in your horoscope. These remedies are simple and easy to follow in one's day to day life.

"Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge.It taught me many things and I am greatly indebted to it." "
- Albert Einstein

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