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Medical Astrology




In the present times everyone is facing some or the other health issue. Each astrological sign along with sun, moon and planets is associated with different parts of the human body. After examining an individual’s natal chart I give advice to my clients about the areas of the body in which he/she is most likely to experience trouble. By diagnosing the accurate problem beforehand, a person can start astro remedies timely. Medical astrology is a wonderful science.

With medical treatment, if planetary remedies are done simultaneously the patient can be cured faster. I suggest the favourable timing for surgery also according to the planetary situations in the horoscope. Sometimes surgery is not needed or time is not favourable where people can trapped in more complications - I guide for that also.

I always say to my clients that like annual health checkups, annual horoscope diognosis is also must. My regular clients understand this and follow me.