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Swasthya Aur Jyotish


Book on medical astrology

'Swasthya aur Jyotish' is my first book on Medical astrology. With the recent surge in medical conditions troubling everyone & the constant struggle towards recovery, I was compelled to write this book. I have covered a few of the key cases in this book wherein I successfully predicted chronic diseases. I have shared the important astrological rules for these predictions. This book will be very helpful for people who have a keen interest to learn and understand medical astrology.

I specialize in studying the birth chart to predict diseases & recommend remedies to avoid the onset of the disease itself. In a situation where a person is already ill, I provide planetary remedies to ensure quicker recovery during the ongoing medical treatment.

I strongly recommend everyone to leverage this science to enjoy a healthy life.

My book ,SWASTHYA AUR JYOTISH, (in hindi) was launched by chief guest astrologer Dr dalip bhai in jyotish adhiveshan ,pune organised by famous ramalgya Chandrakant Shewale dada in august 2017 in front of around 500 - 600 astrologers from all over India.

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